Sexual Harassment Law

Bernabei & Kabat's sexual harassment attorneys can play a critical role in helping employees understand not only their legal rights to work in harassment-free work environments, but also their duties and responsibilities to report sexual harassment before it becomes severe or pervasive. We have represented hundreds of employees in sexual harassment matters and are acutely aware of the significant cost to employers — in the form of emotional distress, anxiety, depression, reduced productivity and derailed careers — that is frequently associated with sexual harassment.

Before you report workplace harassment to HR, know how to protect your rights.

At Bernabei & Kabat, PLLC, we believe that client counseling, timely and proactive intervention, and strong advocacy can be key in stopping sexual harassment. Our Washington, D.C.-based attorneys have assisted hundreds of employees in navigating this stressful terrain and successfully asserting their legal rights. We serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, including Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.

For over a decade, we have provided legal commentary and analysis about sexual harassment issues — including Paula Jones' suit against President Bill Clinton and a FOX producer's suit against Bill O'Reilly — for major television and radio networks, cable news shows and print media. Our lawyers are nationally recognized as experts in the area of sexual harassment law and have regularly written and lectured on this topic.

Learn more about why it might be in your best interest to keep a sexual harassment settlement confidential.

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