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American University Announces the Departure of Provost Scott Bass

American University President, Sylvia Burwell, announced Friday that Provost Scott Bass will be stepping down in June 2018. AU’s student newspaper, The Eagle, reports that Provost Bass’s “tenure as Provost did not come without controversy,” and names three female professors who have publicly accused Provost Bass of discrimination on the basis of age, race, and/or gender. The Eagle states:

“Former School of Communication professor Carolyn Brown said in 2017 that Bass unfairly denied her tenure application and punished her for activism on race and gender issues. In 2013, SOC professor Maria Ivancin filed a lawsuit against the University alleging age discrimination and breach of contract after Bass denied her tenure application in 2012. Loubna Skalli-Hanna, a former SIS professor, sued in 2015 for age discrimination after the provost denied her tenure.”

Ms. Ivancin’s case settled in 2017. Dr. Hanna’s case is expected to go to trial in September 2018.