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B&W Represented Whistleblowers at the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab

MARCH 15, 2011

Our firm has represented several whistleblowers at the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, New Mexico. The Los Alamos Monitor, a newspaper published in New Mexico, recently published a four-part series on several interesting connections between our firm’s cases and other controversial events at Los Alamos. In part 1, the Los Alamos Monitor discussed the whistleblower case brought by Charles MontaZo, which recently settled. In part 2, the reporter discussed how Mr. MontaZo’s disclosures and the other evidence in his case tied in with that uncovered by Glenn Walp and Steven Doran, two other whistleblowers who were fired in 2002. In part 3, the reporter discussed potential links with the mysterious death of the former Deputy Director of the Lab. In part 4, the reporter described the current status of all the individuals involved over the past decade with these controversies.