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Age discrimination, a serious problem in the workplace

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination |

Workplace discrimination can happen in a number of ways. Many people hear about racial discrimination or an employee being subjected to discrimination based on their gender or religion. It is also crucial to point out that discrimination can affect all types of people once they reach a certain age. Sadly, age discrimination is rampant in workplaces across the country and it has virtually destroyed the lives of many people who are fully qualified to perform various roles. If you have experienced age discrimination or some other type of unlawful discrimination while working (or applying for a job), do not stand by and ignore the violation.

Age discrimination can do more than leave a qualified employee out of work after they were fired for being too old, it can create serious financial burdens and it can even damage the morale of a worker beyond repair. For example, someone may simply give up in a particular field because they believe they are too old, even if they are more qualified and capable than other workers who are younger than them. Worse, some people do not understand the different ways that age discrimination manifests in workspaces across the U.S. and they may not take action.

Whether your application was thrown out solely due to your age or you believe that your job was cut because you got older, it is vital to stick up for your legal rights. Head to the employment law section on our website to read some more concerning age discrimination.

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