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What are some examples of disability discrimination?

From religious discrimination to mistreatment based upon an employee's gender, there are many examples of unlawful discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, people have also been subjected to other types of discrimination in Washington, D.C. For example, some workers may experience discrimination because of a disability, and it is important to recognize various examples of this unacceptable behavior.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, disability discrimination against qualified individuals is prohibited in all facets of the employment process. For example, it is against the law for someone to be discriminated against during the application process, while they are working for a company or with respect to layoffs and job termination. Unfortunately, some people have failed to stand up for their rights because they were not aware that this behavior was prohibited during the application process.

Harassment based upon a worker's disability (or a disability that they have had in the past) is also against the law if it leads to a hostile work environment. Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities as well.

There are a number of ways in which people become disabled, and some workers struggle with disabilities following job-related accidents. Unfortunately, daily life can become incredibly challenging when one is treated unfairly because of a disability they have, and it is pivotal for action to be taken if the law is broken. It is important to understand that some medical conditions are not protected and review your options if you believe that your rights may have been violated.

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