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Hints that discrimination might be part of a larger problem

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

Have you been working for a company for years now and notice your boss overlooks you for promotions? Are you starting to wonder if it’s because your education background doesn’t match or if it’s your skin color? Are you beginning to see patterns?

If so, you could be experiencing discrimination at your workplace. When people think of discrimination, protected classes come to mind, such as race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Still, most employers have ways to go around wrongfully terminating or discriminating against underrepresented demographics.

Five actions to look out for from employers

Due to unwanted legal ramifications, employers usually have workarounds on how they get rid of employees they no longer want. Sometimes, the intent is not even to get employees to quit, but to keep them where they currently are or hold them back enough that they would want to leave by themselves.

There are many ways of noticing the little forms of discrimination that could result in you having a legal case against your employer. Some of these are as follows:

  • Employers fill open positions and promotions in secret.
  • You’ve found out that people in positions below and equal to you are getting paid higher salaries.
  • Employers dismiss your name during promotion discussions as not a viable candidate.
  • Your employer tells you that you can’t use facilities open to everyone else.
  • You’re always undermined and brushed off when speaking in meetings.

Hard evidence

Feeling out of place at work is one thing but obtaining proof of discrimination can allow you and your attorney to file a substantial claim against your employer. Some types of evidence can be email communications where your boss or other employees behave in a discriminatory way towards you, paychecks with unaccounted money taken out, and unfair reviews, along with discriminatory verbal comments from your coworkers or boss.

Workplace discrimination is not to be taken lightly, as it can affect both a person’s professional and personal life. If you feel discriminated against, you should take the right steps to receive the compensation you deserve.

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