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Age discrimination continues, is difficult to prove

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

To many employees, age is just a number. They may put more stock in their health and how they feel overall rather than making decisions based solely on their age when not necessary. Of course, while people may not take their age into account themselves, their employers might, and age discrimination could result.

Unfortunately, numerous people across the country face age discrimination in the workplace. In fact, one study indicated that 60% of individuals aged 45 and older who participated in the study had witnessed age discrimination at work or were the victims of such discrimination themselves. Many workers recognize the unjust nature of basing employment decisions solely on a person’s age, and they may take legal action to address it.

Still, even with the ability to take such action, it can be difficult for victims of discrimination to prove their claims. After all, it is highly unlikely for an employer to admit to treating an employee unfairly because of his or her age. Additionally, many employment-related decisions happen without input from employees, so when a person is passed over for promotion or even fired, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact reason, even if discrimination is suspected.

Nonetheless, if employees believe that they have faced age discrimination in the workplace, they do not have to feel as if they have no options.  They should discuss their particular circumstances with experienced employment law attorneys who can help find the best ways to handle the ordeal. Having a knowledgeable advocate may help victims of discrimination feel more at ease.



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