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Woman claims discrimination, harassment over religion

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

Many people in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere consider religion an important part of their lives. They may choose to pray multiple times a day, wear religious attire and conduct themselves in ways that coincide with their beliefs. However, not everyone is understanding of other people’s beliefs, and this can sometimes lead to religious discrimination at work.

One woman in a nearby state recently indicated that she was harassed and discriminated against for her religion while working at a McDonald’s. The woman converted to Islam in 2017 and began wearing a hijab to work and taking prayer breaks. At first, her requests for prayer breaks were accommodated, but a manager later revoked her ability to take those breaks. Additionally, she faced disparaging remarks about her hijab.

On top of the discriminatory actions against her, the woman claims that she was also sexually harassed at work and that the harassment became worse after she converted. In 2018, the woman left her job at McDonald’s due to the toxic work environment. She has recently filed a lawsuit in order to address the wrongdoing she faced.

Dealing with religious discrimination in the workplace, or in any capacity, can take a serious toll on a person’s life. As this woman’s case shows, it may be necessary to move forward with legal action if an employer does not take steps to prevent discriminating actions in the workplace. If Washington, D.C. workers believe that they have been mistreated in such a way while on the job, they may want to consider taking legal action of their own.

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