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Alleged FMLA violations lead to lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | FMLA |

Health difficulties can present themselves in many ways. For some Washington, D.C. workers, stress can trigger serious issues that may lead to those individuals needing time away from work. In certain cases, the Family and Medical Leave Act can help workers get the time off that they need, but FMLA violations on the part of employers could cause serious issues.

It was recently reported that a former regional director of an assisted living facility in another state has filed a lawsuit against her former employer for such violations. The woman alleges that she was working 60 hours a week in her position as the Senior Regional Director of Operations and that the stress of her job had caused her to develop a sleep disorder. She contacted the vice president of the facility to discuss the issue and contacted human resources about taking time off. However, she claims she was later terminated, which she believes violates the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Representatives for the facility claim that the plaintiff’s work week did not reach 60 hours, and they also allege that she voluntarily resigned from her position. They state that this resignation took place during a phone call with the vice president of the facility. Currently, the case has a court date set for next year.

FMLA violations such as the one alleged in this case can leave workers without much-needed income and employment. If workers in Washington, D.C. believe that their rights were violated through an employer denying them qualifying leave, punishing them for taking leave or firing them entirely due to taking leave, they may have reason to take legal action. This type of undertaking can be complex, so it is wise to have the right information and assistance.

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