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Prep for surgery by talking with your employer about taking leave

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | FMLA |

Though most Washington, D.C. workers hope to never have a serious medical event, certain conditions can arise that need medical attention. In some cases, a condition, injury or other health issue could be serious enough to require surgery, which, in turn, would require a worker to take time off from work to recover. Even if individuals have a legitimate reason for taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, or other paid or unpaid leave, it can still cause anxiety to actually take time off.

In efforts to make the situation go more smoothly, employees may want to talk to their employers ahead of time. Commonly, individuals know when they are going to have surgery well in advance of it taking place, and that gives them the opportunity to discuss their need for leave with their employer. This could help the worker understand the process for requesting extended leave, and it can give the employer ample time to find a temporary replacement if needed.

Many people worry about taking time off because they fear it could result in their losing their job. However, many employees qualify for FMLA, which could help protect a person’s employment, but it is important that leave is requested in the proper way, that it is approved and that its terms are fully understood. Employees who know they will need to take leave may wish to discuss their options with the human resources staff.

Taking leave under the FMLA can bring some peace of mind as Washington, D.C. workers know that their job is waiting for them. They may be able to focus more fully on their recovery from surgery instead of worrying about getting back to work before they are ready. Of course, not every situation involving FMLA leave goes smoothly, and if workers experience pushback for taking approved time off, including retaliation or termination, they may want to look into their legal options for handling the ordeal.

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