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Study finds gender discrimination an issue among hospitalists

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination |

Far too many women in Washington and across the country feel as if their gender is a reason that they are held back in various career fields. Unfortunately, gender discrimination and sexual harassment remain prevalent in most professions, despite laws banning this type of behavior. In fact, a recent study looked into this type of discrimination and harassment among academic internal medicine hospitalists.

The study used surveys from 18 institutions to gather data regarding harassing actions and discriminatory behaviors in the hospital settings. The results of those surveys found that women reported the following issues:

  • Sexual remarks
  • Suggestive looks
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Suggestive and inappropriate gestures
  • Their gender having a negative effect on their career paths

Unfortunately, many women continue to face discrimination in subtle ways that others do not consider troublesome. For instance, one female academic hospitalist complained after a male lead surgeon referred to his four team members as “gentlemen” despite the woman being among the four. Her complaint was brushed off as her being too sensitive, and while such incidents may come across as victimless, it can open the door to a prevailing discriminatory attitude that leads to greater issues for female workers.

Many women in Washington and elsewhere have indicated that they have to work much harder to receive the recognition they deserve in their fields. Unfortunately, gender discrimination is a major reason for that issue. In some cases, female employees may suffer significant due to discriminatory and harassing behaviors, including being fired, and if so, there may be reason to take legal action for restitution.

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