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The possible repercussions of retaliation

On Behalf of | May 8, 2022 | Workplace Discrimination |

There may be a variety of scenarios in which employees in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere might be hesitant to step forward upon encountering unlawful activity in the workplace. While there are laws which provide protection against issues such as discrimination and harassment, many might fear that a complaint might only lead to some form of retaliation. While retaliating against a worker for taking part in a protected activity is unlawful, such issues continue to affect many individuals and retaliation can carry dire repercussions.

The impact

Individuals who are subjected to retaliation may experience various repercussions, each of which could have a detrimental impact on their careers. In some cases, retaliation could lead to issues such as job demotions or reduction of pay rates. Similar scenarios may also affect one’s opportunities at career advancement by limiting one’s chances for promotions.

Similar issues could also increase the chances a worker might not receive fair treatment during job performance reviews. Retaliation can also lead to unfair treatment that could act to create a hostile work environment for the employee involved or act to tarnish one’s reputation. Such treatment may also lead to unvoluntary shift reassignment or might even cause a person to be wrongfully terminated.

Protecting against retaliation

Individuals who suffer the repercussions of retaliation after taking part in protected activities may wish to protect their interests, but they might not always know how best to achieve such a goal. Fortunately, one does not have to face this process alone, as there are attorneys who can evaluate the situation a person in Washington, D.C. is facing and provide insight on the next steps to take. An attorney can help a client prepare to safeguard his or her legal rights and if necessary, assist in creating a strategy with which to seek the restitution entitled through the proper channels.

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