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Addressing the impacts of sexual harassment at work

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Sexual Harassment |

People may not realize how difficult it can be for others to deal with workplace harassment until they themselves have also experienced it. Workplace harassment can take a devastating toll on a person’s life and career and it may be difficult to resolve the harassment. Addressing the impact of sexual harassment can help workers in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area who experience such treatment in the workplace understand that they are not alone and help them prepare to step forward and protect their rights and interests.

Possible effects

Studies indicate that those who encounter sexual harassment at work may face numerous challenges in life. Workplace harassment could harm the victim’s concentration, productivity, and ability to come to work. Unjust workplace behavior could also expose a person to public scrutiny and humiliation, further harming one’s personal life.

Sexual harassment can also place a person under significant stress which may increase the risks of other physical and emotional harm. Those who struggle with workplace harassment may also find it difficult to trust others or may even feel unsafe at work. Workplace harassment could also cause a worker to wonder if changing jobs or careers might be the best path and they may even believe they have to move to a new area to escape the ongoing harassment.

Protecting one’s rights and interests

Dealing with sexual harassment at work can be a harrowing process and the consequences of harassment continue to impact the lives of many individuals. While the idea of confronting the situation can be intimidating, one can be assisted by attorneys who can provide a person with much-needed insight on the next steps to take. An attorney can help a client understand all his or her legal rights and options and prepare to protect against the stress and consequences of sexual harassment.

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