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Knowing one’s rights when facing pregnancy discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination |

While preparing to welcome a child into the world can be an exciting process, those who face this life stage may worry about how it might affect their careers. Maintaining one’s job may be vital to providing for the needs of a child. While there are laws that protect against discrimination based on factors such as pregnancy, these laws do not always prevent this discrimination from happening. Individuals in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, who encounter pregnancy discrimination might benefit from seeking advice on their rights and options and on the steps to take to protect their careers.

Protection during pregnancy

Experts indicate that the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) along with state and D.C. laws, provide various types of protection to shield pregnant women against unlawful treatment. For instance, employers are prohibited from firing or demoting a worker based on factors such as pregnancy. This act also prohibits companies from refusing to hire job candidates for similar reasons.

These laws also provide protection against harassment and derogatory remarks made against pregnant women at work. The PDA includes terms that protect one’s rights to reasonable accommodations at work during pregnancy. However, while there are laws in place to prohibit unlawful behavior, pregnancy discrimination can and does still occur.

What next?

Individuals who encounter pregnancy discrimination may need to take the necessary measures to protect their careers, but they might need guidance on the next steps to take. Those who face similar challenges might benefit from knowing they don’t have to go through this alone, as there are attorneys who can provide much-needed guidance on one’s rights and options. An attorney can evaluate a client’s situation thoroughly and help prepare to take the appropriate actions to safeguard the client’s future interests.

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