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The definitions of different types of sexual harassment

Many people think that sexual harassment is a term reserved only for instances of forceful or abusive conduct. While unfortunately such types of behavior do occur in the workplace, sexual harassment can also occur in more subtle ways. If you are feeling uncomfortable in the workplace because of the inappropriate behavior of another, you must make yourself aware of the most common warning signs of sexual harassment.

D.C. Circuit issues a decision that addresses anew the tension that can arise from activity that is allegedly protected under the NLRA, when that activity also potentially creates a sexually or racially hostile work environment.

On December 31, 2019, the D.C. Circuit issued a decision that addresses anew the tension that can arise from activity that is allegedly protected under the NLRA, when that activity also potentially creates a sexually or racially hostile work environment.

Am I able to make a sexual harassment claim?

It's common for those who have had an unpleasant experience at work to wonder if they can make a sexual harassment claim. Many people worry that they will be accused of making a big deal out of nothing or be retaliated against by their employer because they took legal action.

Do jokes and comments count as sexual harassment?

Most Washington, D.C., residents understand that the definition of sexual harassment covers actions such as forced physical contact or requests for sexual favors in exchange for employment. Other actions may be harder to classify. If you are experiencing unwelcome jokes or discussions at work that are sexual in nature, you may be able to file a harassment complaint. However, it is sometimes more difficult to determine whether words and jokes qualify as sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment and hypermasculinity begins at home

Corporate and political jobs in D.C. are often dominated by men. While men are becoming increasingly accustomed to seeing women in the workplace, this may only serve to make women a threat. In the sentiment of "boys will be boys" men often respond to this threat with aggression, including sexual aggression. This may not always include physical actions, but men may convey this aggression through words or gestures.

The effects of the #metoo movement on sexual harassment at work

When the #MeToo movement first took off in America, it mostly tackled the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Men in power were exposed for habitually taking advantage of younger women seeking fame or success. It soon spread into corporate and politics, thus making its way to D.C. and even The White House itself.

Am I being sexually harassed?

Sexual harassment is a very serious concern in the workplace. Because it's such a personal issue, it sometimes can be difficult for people to recognize when they're the victim of harassment, even when the actions are blatant. Business Insider lists some of the signs of sexual harassment so you can take the proper steps to have the issue rectified.

What are my FLSA hours?

Federal labor law may seem complicated to you at first glance. However, when you have the right information about the specifics of your case, you may find that the rules become much clearer. While there are certain exceptions, the general rules on hours worked would probably apply to you if you were an employee in Washington, DC.

Sexual harassment based on false rumors about female employees

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, in a case from Maryland, recently held that a female employee who was falsely accused in the workplace of having slept her way to a promotion, could bring hostile work environment and retaliatory termination claims against her former employer. Here, these false rumors persisted in the workplace, even being spread by a manager. The opinion discusses at length why such false rumors are discriminatory, because they are invariably about women in the workplace and reflect stereotypes about women.

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