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Employees Allege Multiple Violations Against Large Television Corporation

JULY 30, 2013

Bernabei & Kabat represents five individuals who are current or former employees of Phoenix Satellite Television (US), Inc., a large Chinese media corporation with several bureaus in this country. Their complaint alleges they were retaliated against for having supported another Phoenix employee’s complaint of sexual harassment. This retaliation included demotions, reduction of job duties, excessive criticism and monitoring, and termination, as well as denying overtime pay. The complaint also alleges that Zhengzhu Liu, a Director at Phoenix, deliberately subjected one plaintiff to battery, as part of a pattern of sexual harassment and assault against multiple other female employees. This has become a matter of public interest, and has been covered in the media, including the Hong Kong Standard, Mother Jones, a story on channel 9 news, and the France 24 website.