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Executive Resigns in Storm Over Sleeping Guards

The Washington Post, in “Executive Resigns in Storm over Sleeping Guards,” reported that Wackenhut fired its Chief Executive Officer as a result of Exelon having terminated Wackenhut’s contract to provide security guards at nuclear power plants. This began when Kerry Beal, a Bernabei & Kabat client, reported to his managers and to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that security guards were sleeping on the job at a nuclear plant in Pennsylvania. Since Wackenhut, Exelon, and the NRC took no action, Mr. Beal then provided a videotape to a CBS station. Only then did the NRC take belated action, which was largely a whitewash. The House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold an investigative hearing later this month into the NRC’s failure to take action in response to Mr. Beal’s whistleblowing complaint.
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