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Firm Client Discusses Inherent Discrimination In Law School Faculty Hiring

The National Law Journal published an opinion piece by Nicholas Spaeth, a firm client, discussing the inherent age discrimination and bias in law school faculty hiring.

“While the AALS and its members proudly boast of their nondiscriminatory policies – including those against age
discrimination – the truth of the matter is that they do discriminate, and pervasively so, on the basis of age,” says Mr. Spaeth in the article.

Mr. Spaeth explains that the legal profession needs law school graduates who can hit the ground running and are able to work on litigation or transactional matters, yet most law school courses do not adequately prepare students to do this legal work, largely because faculty members tend not to have extensive experience in a real-world legal setting. He argues that a better blend of faculty with extensive practical experience would significantly improve the training of law school students.