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Former Employee Sues United Therapeutics and Jenesis Rothblatt for Sexual Harassment

On September 26, 2018, the Washington Business Journal reported that a former United Therapeutics employee has sued the company and daughter of United Therapeutics Corporation CEO, Jenesis Rothblatt. The suit also names CEO Martine Rothblatt, Shola Oyewole, and Robert Daye as aiding and abetting the discrimination.

The case is unique in that the male party who filed the sexual harassment suit did so anonymously. Bernabei & Kabat partner, Lynne Bernabei, added:

Generally, the issue has to be related to the sexual offense itself, because the embarrassment and humiliation come from the sexual offense itself, not other issues that are unrelated to the sexual attack or the sexual harassment.

For the full story, published by the Washington Business Journal, click here.