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Lynne Bernabei, Ann Harris Discuss Nuclear Plant Problem On The Progressive Radio Network

The Progressive Radio Network, on August 16, 2011, broadcast an interview with Lynne Bernabei and Ann Harris, a former client of Bernabei & Kabat, who discussed safety and whistleblower issues relating to nuclear power.

“Guest host Karyn Strickler, of Climate Challenge Media, exposes the dirty secrets of the nuclear power industry with guests Lynne Bernabei and Ann Harris. Lynne has practiced civil rights and employment discrimination law at Bernabei & Kabat in Washington, DC for over 30 years. She represents nuclear and other industry whistleblowers.

Ann is a 71 year old, great grandmother, nuclear whistleblower and safety advocate who won or settled 6 of her own cases and served as a resource for hundreds of whistleblowers at the Tennessee Valley Authority, as well as nuclear workers around the country. She worked as a technical and human resources professional at TVA and was fired after she reported systematic and serious documentation problems at the TVA plants. She lives outside Knoxville, Tennessee.”

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