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Lynne Bernabei Authors Opinion Piece for The Harvard Law Record entitled “Fannie Mae, Failed Bailouts, and Whistleblowing”

In an opinion piece for The Harvard Law Review, Ms. Bernabei explains her path from Harvard Law School to the public interest law sector.

She speaks on a standout case that has influenced significant reforms within the mortgage finance industry in the United States. She notes, “In January 2010, Caroline Herron, a high-level contractor in Fannie Mae, came to our office. She told us about how after working for Fannie Mae for eight years in-house as a vice president and as a contractor, Fannie Mae had fired her and blackballed her for disclosing to the Treasury Department serious failings in the Obama Administration’s signature anti-foreclosure program.”. A demand letter was sent to Fannie Mae in March of 2010, and in June of 2010 we filed suit. The media attention surrounding Ms. Herron and her case was enough to lead the conservator to bar incentive payments to Fannie Mae under its contract with the Treasury.

Lynne concludes her piece with this final thought, “Those of us who went into public interest law followed our own paths, and ended up in fascinating and rewarding jobs. Contrary to the common wisdom taught at the Law School at that time, I have found my career to be filled with intellectually and politically fulfilling cases and projects. It is deeply satisfying when we are able to figure out the real story, and even more so when we can effect a positive change.”

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