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Lynne Bernabei Comments on High Profile Venture Capital Firm Lawsuit

MARCH 19, 2015

After 7 years at Kleiner Perkins, a high-powered venture capital firm in downtown San Francisco, Ellen Pao was fired. She’s now suing the firm, alleging a toxic environment for women and being repeatedly passed up for promotion because she is a woman. Pao, who attended Princeton and Harvard, recalls one instance when she was excluded from a dinner with former VP Al Gore because it was for men only as an example of the perceived discrimination.

Voice of America news has been covering the story and spoke with Lynne Bernabei for their recent article.

Washington attorney Lynne Bernabei, who has been following Pao’s case, said the type of company events Pao described in court “exclude women from the opportunities that would include clients.”

The practice “by its nature is discriminatory or detrimental to women [who are] creating business,” Bernabei said. “It also creates a sexually hostile work environment” where women are excluded from male-dominated events.

Kleiner Perkins has denied Pao’s assertions, claiming advancement is based on skill and ability.

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