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Lynne Bernabei Comments on Nomination of Eric Holder

The Washington Independent newspaper recently quoted Lynne Bernabei regarding the nomination of Eric Holder as the U.S. Attorney General, in an article that discussed the concerns that a number of human rights and civil rights groups have about his background:

That hasn’t silenced some independent lawyers, however, such as Lynne Bernabei, a leading employment attorney in Washington who represents plaintiffs.

“Defense counsel tend to say there are no meritorious discrimination complaints, or at least very few,” said Bernabei, referring to Holder’s discrimination defense work for banks and pharmaceutical companies. “If you have that attitude it will make you less enthusiastic about enforcing the civil rights law. That’s simply a fact of life that what you do in your career as a lawyer will inform your attitude on things.”

Bernabei is not surprised by the appointment, however. “A lot of these appointments are corporate lawyers. They’re the ones who give to the campaigns. So those are the people that are going to end up getting appointments.”