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Lynne Bernabei Quoted on Herman Cain Harassment Controversy

Reuters recently quoted Lynne Bernabei on the controversy over the sexual harassment complaints against Herman Cain, a presidential candidate. Cain had denied knowing anything about settlements with former female employees.

Lynne explained that ordinarily someone in a position as prominent as Cain’s, who is head of the National Restaurant Association, would have known about the settlement of the claims, so it was unlikely that he would not have known. After this article was published, Herman Cain then admitted that he did know about the existence of the settlement agreements.

Lynne was also quoted on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” where she explained that the most recent allegations, if true, do “show a very upsetting view of women in the workplace,” in light of Mr. Cain’s statements that the allegations were false. Similarly, she was quoted in “GOOD,” a magazine devoted to social causes, in which she explained that a hostile work environment has to be both severe and pervasive to be illegal, and that a single incident of harassment was seldom illegal unless it was extremely serious, such as a rape or attempted rape.