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Moran v. NFL Players Association

The Daily Washington Law Reporter, using football metaphors, reported on the Superior Court’s recent decision in denying the NFL Players’ Association’s attempt to prevent a former employee, our firm’s client, from using information that she learned during her employment in order to support her discrimination claims against her employer. The newspaper summarized the opinion in Moran v. NFL Players Association:

“An association of professional football players attempted to turn their defensive position into an aggressive offense by seeking a Preliminary Injunction against the Plaintiff that would have effectively removed the ball from play in this case. In response to the Plaintiff’s suit for gender discrimination and retaliation, the players filed a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction in an attempted interference with the Plaintiff’s effort to pass information via her complaint. This play gained them no ground when the Trial Judge flagged them based on the analogous penalty of ‘encroachment’ (crossing the line of scrimmage, though without touching an opposing player, before the ball is snapped). . . . Based on these calls, on fourth and 40 the Movant was left with no realistic alternative except to punt.”