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American University Staff Editorial Asks School to Honor Commitment to “Inclusive Excellence”

American University student-lead newspaper, The Eagle , shared an opinion piece on Friday, April 13, 2018 expressing concern as the school recruits a new provost to replace retiring Scott Bass. Provost Bass has been accused of discrimination in the tenure process by multiple women, including Bernabei & Kabat clients.

The editorial author, “E”, argues that current AU professors deserve:

“to feel respected and represented in our community. This cannot be accomplished when allegations of discrimination cloud their work environment. They deserve a fair tenure process. If not, we must consider the example that AU is demonstrating for its own budding student-scholars and the higher education community. The next provost must work to repair this reputation and reform the environment that produced it.”

To read the article, “Staff Editorial: Next provost must repair University’s reputation of discrimination”, in full, click here.