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Our Firm Represents DePaul University Female Professors

APRIL 7, 2011

Our firm represents a group of female professors currently or formerly employed by DePaul University in Chicago who were denied tenure based on their sex and, for two of our clients – Dr. Namita Goswami and Dr. Melissa Bradshaw – the fact that they focus on feminist areas of study. Dr. Goswami is a philosophy professor at DePaul who specializes in feminist, critical race, and postcolonial theories, and Dr. Bradshaw worked in DePaul’s Women’s and Gender Studies program focusing on feminist and queer theory. In addition to being discriminated against because of her sex and her area of study, Dr. Goswami’s tenure denial was also based on her race, color, and national origin. DePaul’s treatment of our clients is consistent with its pattern of discriminating against women and people of color in its promotion and tenure decisions. The Chicago Reader just published an article discussing these cases.