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Partner Peter M. Whelan Quoted in NBC News Article

On December 17, 2017, Bernabei & Kabat partner, Peter M. Whelan was quoted by NBC News reporter Elizabeth Chuck in her article, ” Accusations in the #MeToo era: How companies handle complaints“.

Mr. Whelan gave his expert opinion on the how internal investigations are conducted when a high-profile company employee is accused of sexual harassment stated they are typically left to outside law firms. “It’s very infrequently a purely ‘he said, she said’ situation where we’re talking about one incident with one employee. Typically they’re not just harassing this one person. They’ve done it before, and there’s some sort of trail of victims.”

Another increasingly prevalent concern is the retaliation that individuals face when they do come forward with sexual harassment allegations. Mr. Whelan continued, “Because it is forcing a lot of, typically, women out of their career path entirely.”

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