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B&W Awarded Presidential Citation

Dr. Gerald Koocher, President of the American Psychological Association, presented the law firm of Bernabei & Katz, PLLC, including Lynne Bernabei and Alan Kabat, now of the Bernabei & Kabat, PLLC, with a Presidential Citation for their work in representing Dr. Susan Lerner. Ms. Bernabei served as lead counsel for Dr. Lerner who was John Hinckley’s Clinical Psychologist at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for many years. The Head of Forensic Services for the Hospital fabricated ethical violations against Dr. Lerner in retaliation for her public disclosures that the Hospital officials pressured her to perjure herself in testimony about Hinckley. The suit settled for $800,000, and a dismissal of all the charges against her in late 2005. The citation commends Bernabei & Katz, for their “commitment to fighting on behalf of psychologists and others who have faced unjust discrimination, sexual harassment, and psychological intimidation in corporate, educational, and governmental setting,” and calls the recipients “the best employment lawyers in the nation.”