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Could Your Pregnancy Lead To Problems At Work?

If you are pregnant, you may have concerns about how this could affect your status at work. While it is illegal to discriminate against women who are pregnant or are of childbearing age, employers may not be understanding and may subject you to unfair policies. The lawyers at Bernabei & Kabat, PLLC, help women in Washington, D.C., protect their rights in the workplace.

Experiencing pregnancy discrimination can be disheartening and overwhelming. If you are a victim of this form of mistreatment, you can take action to protect your interests by turning to our experienced team. Nationally recognized for our willingness to fight for equitable treatment in workplaces, complex or difficult cases do not intimidate us. If your employer is mistreating you due to your pregnancy or using maternity leave, we can assist you.

Your Rights As A Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy discrimination is also sex discrimination as it is the negative treatment of an employee because of her gender. You have the right to a workplace free from mistreatment, harassment and retaliatory treatment from your employers. Some women experience pregnancy discrimination in the following ways:

  • Your employer may refuse to hold your job for you while you are on maternity leave.
  • Your co-workers may harass you or say inappropriate remarks to you after learning you are pregnant.
  • A potential employer may not hire you or your current employer may not promote you because you will have a baby in the near future.
  • Your employer may use your pregnancy as a way to terminate you.

If you experienced any of the above or other types of mistreatment, you do not have to suffer in silence. Through the appropriate course of legal action, it is possible to hold your employer accountable for mistreatment, preserve your job or seek financial compensation.

The Experience You Need, The Support You Deserve

Our attorneys have over 85 years of combined experience, and we know what it takes to fight for the interests of women who experienced pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Our team will fight for justice on your behalf, and you can learn how by calling our office at 202-644-9935 or reaching out online for an appointment.