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Older Workers Have The Right To Employment

A person’s age is one of the most common reasons for discrimination in the workplace. Often, younger workers are favored over older employees, and experienced individuals feel forced out, undervalued and even subjected to discrimination. If you believe you are a victim of age discrimination, the team of employment law attorneys at Bernabei & Kabat, PLLC, can help.

Age discrimination happens when an employer treats a worker or prospective hire unfairly because of his or her age. According to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, employers cannot discriminate against workers or applicants over the age of 40. Victims of this type of unfair and inappropriate treatment have the right to seek help, and we can serve as your ally in your pursuit of justice, fair work opportunities and a reasonable outcome to your case.

How Can You Know If You Experienced Age Discrimination?

Like disabled employees, many victims of this type of discrimination are afraid to speak out of fear that they could experience further isolation and exclusion from various employment opportunities. Some indicators of age discrimination include the following:

  • Employer declining to hire you in favor of a younger employee despite experience and education
  • Company policies skewed to benefit younger employees and offer them more opportunities
  • Losing your job, being demoted or being passed over for a well-deserved promotion for no reason except you are older than other employees

Additionally, it is illegal to harass a person because of his or her age or subject that person to inappropriate jokes and other types of mistreatment. When you turn to our law firm, you will receive representation from a team of lawyers with experience and knowledge of the law. We will attempt to settle your case, but if that is not possible, we will pursue the appropriate course of legal action with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or through a civil claim.

What Steps Should You Take?

One of the most important steps you can take as a victim is to reach out for help as soon as possible. We will take immediate action on your behalf, seeking to halt any further mistreatment and begin building a strong case on your behalf.

You can learn about the legal options available to you after experiencing age discrimination by calling our conveniently located Washington, D.C., office today at 202-644-9935 or by email. We also serve clients in Virginia, Maryland and across the country.