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News 2020

  • INJUSTICE & CORRUPTION IN FLORENCE, AZ –Hondo Hunter and Jarris Varnrobinson Vonzombie’s Story
  • WUSA Channel 9 recently interviewed DC Police Sergeant Charlotte Djossou, about her whistleblowing reports. In the interview, Sergeant Djossou explained how she had complained that the Metropolitan Police Department was under-reporting crimes, in order to “improve” the crime statistics. These “improvements” were used to promote the captains and commanders. Some felonies were reclassified as simple assaults, meaning that the perpetrator, if convicted, would serve a much shorter sentence before being released. Sergeant Djossou had previously complained about this conduct, both within the Metropolitan Police Department, and to the D.C. Council, and was retaliated against for her reports. Bernabei & Kabat PLLC represents Sergeant Djossou.
  • The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently issued a preliminary determination that the Tennessee Valley Authority illegally retaliated against two former employees in violation of the whistleblower protections of the NRC regulations. The NRC determined that TVA investigated both employees, placed them on leave, and forced them out “in part, for engaging in protected activities,” which included their multiple reports about significant safety issues at TVA’s nuclear power plants.
    The NRC’s finding is consistent with the Department of Labor’s OSHA determination in 2019 that TVA retaliated against one of the employees who had also filed an OSHA complaint. The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported on the retaliation and investigations. Bernabei & Kabat, PLLC represented both employees, and our attorneys have represented a number of other TVA employees over the past several decades.
  • Lynne Bernabei interviewed re: corporate travel during coronavirus
  • Florence officials remain defendants in lawsuit
  • US Court of Appeals for 9th Circuit rejected an appeal by several Florence, AZ government officials
  • The Knoxville News Sentinel published an article [Department of Labor rules in favor of nuclear whistleblower] about a one of our clients, a nuclear engineer at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) who was fired after she persisted in reporting safety issues at TVA’s nuclear programs. The Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, found in favor of our firm’s client, finding that TVA’s purported justification for firing her was “demonstrably false,” and that she was terminated “because of the information she provided during a chilled work environment investigation.” The Department of Labor found that even TVA had to admit “that it took adverse action against [Ms. Wetzel] because of her participation in [TVA’s] chilled work environment investigation, in which she provided her honest responses to the investigators’ questions.”

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