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Bernabei & Kabat Partner Lynne Bernabei Quoted in March 2018 Washington Lawyer

Partner Lynne Bernabei was quoted in contribution to the March 2018 Edition of the Washington Lawyer magazine. Ms. Bernabei, who has over 30-years of experience in handling sexual harassment matters, was interviewed regarding her expertise on confidentiality provisions and how they can be beneficial to both the accuser and the accused in sexual harassment cases:

[C]onfidentiality becomes somewhat of a bargaining chip for both the employer and the accuser. It provides an incentive for the employer to offer a high-dollar settlement amount, while also protecting the accuser from disparaging remarks or criticism that could impede his or her future job search. “Some victims just want to move on with their lives after such a negative experience,” Bernabei says, “and a confidentiality provision provides the contractual assurance they need to do so.”

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