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January 2019 Archives

Court protects employee who was harassed by another company's employee

In today's economy, the "workplace" includes not only co-workers but also a wide range of independent contractors, consultants, and other individuals who are not fellow employees but who work for themselves or for another company. If an employee alleges that he or she was harassed in the workplace by someone else who is not a fellow employee, can the employee hold her employer liable for not preventing or addressing the harassment by the non-employee?

Supreme Court Refuses Employer's Demand to Compel Arbitration of Truck Driver's Wage Claims

Today, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous 8-0 opinion by Justice Gorsuch (Justice Kavanaugh was not on the ruling as it was argued before he joined), holding that the employee, a truck driver, fell into an exception to the Federal Arbitration Act (it does not cover "contracts of employment" for certain transportation workers), so that the lower courts correctly ruled he did not have to arbitrate his dispute involving failure to pay minimum wages.

Addressing religious discrimination at work

People may be subjected to a number of examples of unfair treatment on the basis of their faith. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many people have had to accept. However, this mistreatment is unacceptable in a workplace environment when it violates the rights of an employee or even a job applicant. People are discriminated against because of their religious beliefs in all sorts of ways and it is pivotal for victims of this mistreatment to look into their legal options and hold responsible those who violated their rights.

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