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December 2018 Archives

Putting an end to sexual harassment

Every day, people are sexually harassed in workspaces all over the country. Unfortunately, even though many people realize that this behavior cannot be tolerated, it continues to take place far too frequently. If you have experienced sexual harassment at your place of work, you should immediately take steps to hold the offender accountable. Moreover, if you are a business owner or manager who worries about the prevalence of sexual harassment within your company, it is pivotal to do what you can to immediately put an end to this behavior and prevent sexual harassment from occurring in the months and years ahead.

Age discrimination, a serious problem in the workplace

Workplace discrimination can happen in a number of ways. Many people hear about racial discrimination or an employee being subjected to discrimination based on their gender or religion. It is also crucial to point out that discrimination can affect all types of people once they reach a certain age. Sadly, age discrimination is rampant in workplaces across the country and it has virtually destroyed the lives of many people who are fully qualified to perform various roles. If you have experienced age discrimination or some other type of unlawful discrimination while working (or applying for a job), do not stand by and ignore the violation.

Who is eligible for FMLA leave?

One of the very important employment laws in the U.S. is the Family and Medical Leave Act. This federal law, and its equivalents in many states and Washington, D.C., gives qualifying workers the right to certain amounts of unpaid leave from their job to attend to certain medical or family needs.

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